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Arkansas Home Watch is there when you can't be. Your home or vacation property is one of your most valuable assets; let us help you keep it that way. For extended leaves or sporadic vacations, we provide an extra set of eyes to monitor your property while you're away. We treat your home with the level of care that we do our own. Our services include checking your appliances, inspecting leaks, and even bringing your mail inside. If a problem is detected and requires immediate attention, we'll contact you and handle it. Take a moment to see our general home inspection checklist. Our pricing includes sending pictures of your property via email or text along with any areas or items that require attention. Other services will be on a cost-by-cost basis. Call us, and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate.

We Are Licensed & Insured!

Storm Damage

Forced Entry


Moisture Problems

Plumbing Failures

Pest Invasion

Frozen/Busted Pipes

Tripped Breakers

Heater or A/C

Windows & Locks

Check Appliances

Mail Check

Starting vehicles

Winterizing Services

On-Call Service

Home Watch Checklist Fees Homes less than 2,500 sq ft
$39.99 once a month
$35.00 twice a month
$30.00 once a week
Home Watch Checklist Fees Homes 2600-4000 sq ft
$45.99 once a month
$41.00 twice a month
$37.00 once a week

For Homes Larger Than 4,000 sq ft

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We Also Provide Winterizing Services

Part of any home’s upkeep lies in weatherization. Between the changes of seasons, it’s important to have specific components of your property maintained. Replacing smoke alarm batteries, inspecting water heaters, and gutter cleaning are all general maintenance services every home requires. However, if you are away for extended periods, you’ll need someone to step in place. Let Arkansas Home Watch serve as that someone. We’re there for you when you - and your home - need it most!

Starting Vehicles

Monitoring Pool/Spa



Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

Gutter Cleaning

Washing Machine Hoses

Hot Water Heaters

Mildew Removal

Check Window & Door Seals

Inspect Caulking & Paint

Inspect Water Systems

Entrust The Home Guardians

Monitoring Your Residence While You're Away